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U3 Cutting Board
Model: ADS-4-150020

U3 Cutting Board

Anne Qvist for Andersen Furniture
Cost MSRP: $55.00
Only available in packs of 2
Note - Dimensions Vary:


The U3 cutting board is designed by Anne Qvist. It is available in 3 different sizes and is very functional - eg. by virtue of the finger hole, which makes the cutting board easy to handle. The special shape also makes the cutting board very suitable for use for delicious dishes.
The large cutting board is also available with juice grill, where any juice is collected so that it does not run out on the table.
The cutting boards are made of solid oak that has a high content of tannic acid, which makes it antibacterial. In addition, oak is a durable natural material that protects your knives.
The cutting board cannot withstand dishwashing.


12.6" L x 6.7" W
18.1" L x 9.4" W
22.4" L x 11.8" W