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The Vikings of Denmark
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Model: ADS-4-353010

The Vikings of Denmark

Andersen Furniture
Cost MSRP: $67.00
Only available in packs of 2
Note - Dimensions Vary:
Style Options
  • Small Viking Small Viking
  • Medium Viking Medium Viking
  • Large Viking Large Viking
  • Set of 3 Vikings Set of 3 Vikings


The Vikings of Denmark are perfect for decorating any home. The sleek lines that characterise Jacob Jensen’s creations are clearly visible in these figurines. With their three sizes, the Vikings contrast well with each other and celebrate the diversity that existed then and still exists today.


Small H3.93"x1.97"x2.17"
Medium H3.74"x2.17"x1.77"
Large H5.31"x2.36"x1.97"