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Ovo meeting table

The OVO meeting table has a negative carbon footprint which means that it stores more carbon than it emits during manufacture, distribution and use. Available in bespoke sizes to suite any corporate environment.

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pato collection

The Pato Collection is the ideal choice for spaces designed for lounging, dining, working and living. With Pato, Fredericia’s legacy of detailing and craftsmanship meets today’s industrial standard. Pato’s polypropylene shell marks a new peak in quality and execution of the durable and 100% recyclable material.

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Luna is entirely made of glass. The lid is an integral invisible component, and at last it has perfected the globe concept. Completed with a transparent acrylic cross, the rest of the hanging structure and the electric cables are assembled in a single cord. If you want to shape an interior space with light, you really need an uncompromising light source. A globe as perfect as the full moon, with no shadows – just pure iridescent light.

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