Lulu Pouf

Lulu Pouf
Lulu Pouf
Lulu Pouf
Lulu Pouf
Lulu Pouf
Lulu Pouf
Lulu Pouf

Lulu Pouf

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Designer Färg & Blanche

Product Description

Sit on it, lean on it, or use it as a backrest. A living piece of furniture that will populate any home or public space. Lulu resembles both a pet and a sculpture marrying fantasy and function. Built on a wooden frame with soft foam for ultimate comfort.


25.6”W x 14.2”D x 23.2”H
22.7 lbs


Structure: kiln dried solid timber, TSCA certified plywood, high density foam wrapped with fiber on top.
Cover: 70% recycled polyester, 30% polyester

Lulu is a new friend, a fresh presence that seems to be almost alive. A stylized sculpture vitalizing any interior. To sit on straight up as on a chair, or to recline on as with a chaise lounge. And for sitting down in a more intimate and connecting way. Lulu can of course stay put in a corner waiting to be of use, ready to bounce all alone or together like a boisterous flock around a table. Färg & Blanche challenges once more existing furniture typologies by fusing mimetic qualities with practical functionality. Lulu is also a welcome reminiscence of ancient times when furniture was infused with a life of their own: pottery, tables and couches decorated with lion paws, the beak of an eagle, plant extravaganza. An animistic spiritualism that cherishes the connection with nature indoors. Fredrik Färg and Emma Blanche's Lulu will happily populate any public and private space like a dear pet, without needing to be fed or causing any allergic reaction.

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